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jamminlucario asked: How do you draw your lizards and dragons with such good expressions/faces? It's one thing I have a great amount of trouble with.


h m m alright this probably wont be Super Helpful but

a good way to practice expressing emotion in an inhuman character is to pick a certain expression and try to recreate it on the character youre drawing. conveying emotion in a drawing can be pretty tough sometimes, but generally its in the same ways we use to spot emotion on human faces, and the easiest way to do that is alter the eyes and the mouth


and yeah, dragons dont REALLY have what wed consider eyebrows, but ive also never met one who could complain about it, so go nuts. if youre having trouble , you could try doing quick doodle sketches of different emotions, not trying to define the dragons face too much, but just getting the basic expression down, because you can always define it more later !



its important not to be TOO nitpicky about how realistic something is - the best expressors of emotions tend to be cartoons, because of their exaggerated features, and the further you go into realism, the harder its going to become to see emotion in a non-human animal

its also important to remember that the face alone isnt the only way to express feelings ! body language is super important, and helps really push the emotion youre trying to convey. think about the postures diferent people assume when theyre angry, when theyre depressed or confused or joyful. try to show them in the way your character is positioned !


its not all about eyes and mouth ! in fact, having conflicting body language and facial expressions can be used to express an inner struggle within the character, or show that theyre trying to hide something. good luck !!

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Twilight’s Kingdom

Best episode of the series. So intense, and excellent lesson!¬†Twilight was amazing the whole way through! :D Can’t wait for season 5!

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Testing, 1, 2, 3

Really good episode today. Everypony was in character, and Twilight and Rainbow’s interactions were very realistic. The episode had moments that I actually laughed at, too, so the comedy was very good.

The rap scene with Pinkie Pie was also excellent. I wasn’t expecting it to be so good! It was hilarious, but also actually really awesome too. It looked like a goofy late-80s, early 90s rap music video, like the best parts of “U Can’t Touch This” and “Don’t Copy that Floppy” put together. I loved every second of it, and watched that scene about three times on youtube!

Overall, 10/10.

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Leap of Faith Review

I upgraded my pony reviews.

Overall, the episode of “Leap of Faith” shows that even someone as old as Granny Smith can, in fact, learn a lesson, and that honesty is almost, if not always, a good virtue to have. The episode was fun to watch, and I’m glad I saw it.

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Bertha 2.0: More period accurate low-poly model.
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Bertha 2.0: More period accurate low-poly model.

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Wander Over Yonder: The Hero

Act1: Excellent. Fun, and exciting, and funny, too.

Act2: Excellent. Without giving spoilers, there are some good twists in the story.

Act3: Perfect. Pretty much every cliche gets stomped on, in an excellent way. Cute, funny, and exciting.

Overall: 10/10.

Worth watching: Absolutely!

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