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Posted on 10th May at 3:50 PM
Twilight’s Kingdom

Best episode of the series. So intense, and excellent lesson!¬†Twilight was amazing the whole way through! :D Can’t wait for season 5!

Posted on 5th Apr at 3:01 PM
Testing, 1, 2, 3

Really good episode today. Everypony was in character, and Twilight and Rainbow’s interactions were very realistic. The episode had moments that I actually laughed at, too, so the comedy was very good.

The rap scene with Pinkie Pie was also excellent. I wasn’t expecting it to be so good! It was hilarious, but also actually really awesome too. It looked like a goofy late-80s, early 90s rap music video, like the best parts of “U Can’t Touch This” and “Don’t Copy that Floppy” put together. I loved every second of it, and watched that scene about three times on youtube!

Overall, 10/10.

Posted on 4th Apr at 11:31 AM
Leap of Faith Review

I upgraded my pony reviews.

Overall, the episode of “Leap of Faith” shows that even someone as old as Granny Smith can, in fact, learn a lesson, and that honesty is almost, if not always, a good virtue to have. The episode was fun to watch, and I’m glad I saw it.

Posted on 23rd Mar at 11:42 PM
Bertha 2.0: More period accurate low-poly model.
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Bertha 2.0: More period accurate low-poly model.

Posted on 23rd Mar at 4:44 PM
Wander Over Yonder: The Hero

Act1: Excellent. Fun, and exciting, and funny, too.

Act2: Excellent. Without giving spoilers, there are some good twists in the story.

Act3: Perfect. Pretty much every cliche gets stomped on, in an excellent way. Cute, funny, and exciting.

Overall: 10/10.

Worth watching: Absolutely!

Posted on 22nd Mar at 2:23 PM
For whom the Sweetie Belle Tomes Review

Note: my reviews will be on a scale of 10 from now on, in order to avoid decimal points.

ACT1: Excellent. It set up the story well enough, which was simple and easy to set up. It was enjoyable to watch.

ACT2: Perfect! Sweetie Belle goes through major character development in this episode, and the dream sequences are very creative and imaginative.

ACT3: Excellent. Without giving any spoilers, I knew Sweetie would get a good ending, but I still tensed up and wanted to know what would happen next. It was a fun experience!

Overall: 9/10. Excellent pacing, good plot, and very slice-of-life while also remaining “magical and mystical” at the same time. I had fun watching it!

Worth watching?: Absolutely!

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